When I was struggling, I could not find anything to inspire my recovery or to reinforce that progress is possible. Mental health issues are very stigmatised and I hope by spreading awareness and through education that they become more accepted. The aim of this website is to help people by sharing my story, that is so often kept quiet. Furthermore, when I was in the darkest place I have been, I could not find any helpful advice online on how to manage with the day to day problems I was struggling with. In addition, I have medical knowledge that allows me to accurately explain medication.

A Cute Crisis is a website I have created that has three main goals:

  • To provide tips on recovery from and dealing with mental health problems
  • To educate about mental illness
  • To raise awareness and promote support through sharing my own story

If I can help one person who is going through a hard time then it will be worth it.

Love, A Cute Crisis x