Mental breakdown?

A “mental breakdown” is not a phrase that is used professionally but I feel it accurately describes what I went through; just as a car can break down and be unable to function until the issue is fixed, I needed some mental maintenance. I believe that this post was so important to write as this was the hardest part of my experience with depression and anxiety. My mental breakdown was when I hit rock bottom and decided to get help therefore it was instrumental for me, but getting through those weeks was the hardest challenge I had to face.

Mental breakdowns can be defined as a short period of intense mental distress in the form of depression, anxiety or dissociation. They can result from many factors such as extreme stress, sleep deprivation or psychological burnout. Mental breakdowns can render normal tasks impossible. However, it is essential to keep in mind that this is only temporary!

Whilst I was in the midst of the worst time of my life, I researched about “mental breakdowns” and discovered that they could only last for six weeks. Maybe I liked that it was only temporary or that there was hope for my future, but in any case, this information really benefited me.

Personally, I feel around six weeks was an accurate representation of the time I spent really struggling with daily life, however, the last three weeks of that time, whilst they were still a massive struggle, they were so much easier. I dealt with the inability to eat, sleep, concentrate, sit still or to go anywhere, which left me drained as my body became physically ill from this. But, at the three-week mark I had started eating more and more (which you can read about how I did that in this article Gaining my appetite ) and I began to sleep more; improving upon these two aspects boosted my health immensely which gave me the strength and courage to keep going.

This jigsaw was really the only task I faced up to for around six weeks, and I didn’t even do it properly but it passed the time. Find things to focus on to make yourself feel productive.

This time in my life was absolutely horrendous and I would never wish this upon anyone, but sadly a lot of people will have to experience this. For anyone going through this right now, I promise it does get better and before you know it this will have happened six months ago and then six years ago. You will never stop feeling immensely proud of overcoming this obstacle.

As devastating as a mental breakdown is, I try to see the positive in every situation and I have came to the conclusion that it was necessary. Before I broke down, I was not treating my body how it requires to be, I was not happy and I was constantly busy and stressed. This was a wake up call for me to take care of myself and reevaluate my life which prompted me to seek help for my depression. Nevertheless, I would have preferred that this never occurred but maybe everything happens for a reason and the necessity of this catharsis will become apparent in the future.



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