Reasons to live

Since there has been so many people feeling desperate enough to try, or to succeed, in taking their lives this year, I’ve decided to make a post on why you should keep trying. For people that have not experienced depression, it will be very difficult to understand why life can be so challenging for some and therefore the encouragement they provide may be immaterial. I hope this post will provide those suffering with some motivation and those who have friends suffering to learn what will be of benefit.

Reasons to live are not to see another sunrise or sunset – it isn’t all the pretty things you will miss. Those things are very insignificant in these circumstances. Reasons to live are believing that your death will cause devastation. Your family being ripped apart due to your death is a reason to live. However, if you are suicidal it will be hard to believe that you are important enough that people will miss you; it will be hard to believe that people would even care if you were gone. But, if you are feeling that way, then tell someone and they will reassure you that you are clearly not thinking straight. Look at the way people act towards you – do people message you, invite you out, does your mum make you dinner every night? These actions prove that people care. If no one cared then they would make no effort with you – always remember that.

So while it may be poetic to tell someone to stay alive to feel the sun on their face come summertime, it’s much more important to tell someone that their absence would destroy so many people.

And if you are suffering, make a list of why not so that you can look at it when you’re having a bad day. It will help you to see the light in the darkness and once you do you can start to recover – Reasons to Recover.

Here are some examples of solid reasons to keep fighting:

  • Stay alive because otherwise it will tear your family apart
  • Stay alive because this feeling will pass
  • Stay alive because your life might turn out to be amazing
  • Stay alive to help other people who are feeling the same way
  • Stay alive because the world will keep spinning without you
  • Stay alive because people who never cared will use your death to get sympathy
  • Stay alive because you have worked so hard – don’t let it be for nothing
  • Stay alive because you have hit rock bottom – it can’t get any worse
  • Stay alive because you’ll feel better tomorrow
  • Stay alive because you will pass this pain to someone else


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