Reasons to Recover

As a follow on from my post Reasons to live, I have decided to make this post. Personally, I found surviving and recovering to be two very different periods in my life. Both of them were extremely difficult, but with recovering it was much easier to see the benefits of putting myself in uncomfortable situations.

For me, my anxiety stopped me from doing basically everything, so I had to start from scratch and become comfortable with going outside, going out in public, going to uni, going to work, etc. And for the first few times I faced up to each new challenge I would be physically ill from my anxiety which left me exhausted and drained. However, seeing the benefits of putting myself under that stress pushed me to keep going. I would walk into work proud since three weeks ago I was being sick on my way to work, because there was no way I could last the day, and I no longer even gave working a second thought. It blew my mind that I could get back to normal with working, and if I could get comfortable with that I could do it with anything.

I have never felt joy like when I noticed I had had an amazing holiday with my friends, free from anxiety. Although, I had done a lot of anxiety inducing things I had been completely fine and I felt normal. This is why you should recover.

So that’s what I did, I forced myself into anxiety inducing situations using Graded Exposure Therapy and I overcame a lot of obstacles. I still have a lot of work to do, such as, getting comfortable with crowded places, trains and airplanes but I am working at it everyday.

Recovery takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It’s full of set backs and self-doubting, but at the same time it’s full of achievements, milestones and the realisation that something no longer gives you anxiety is amazing. Here are some reasons to recover:

  • Recover to get your life back
  • Recover to achieve your dreams
  • Recover because you didn’t come this far to only come this far
  • Recover to make your family proud
  • Recover for yourself
  • Recover to show others that it is possible
  • Recover to feel happiness again
  • Recover to go out with friends and realise you went a whole day without thinking about your problems
  • Recover to feel normal again
  • Recover to prove your strength

There is an infinite list of reasons to recover, and I recommend you make one. You can make it personal to reflect your own goals and add to it as you have new ideas. Having a list like this will keep you motivated, especially if you look at it before or after facing a fear, and it will put all of your hard work into perspective. You could even cross off each milestone as you achieve it.





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