The Benefits of Weekly Planning

From as far back as my fourth year in high school, I have weekly planned. It genuinely shocks me how few people do it, especially since when I have a week without doing it I have no idea what day it is or what needs done.

Using my planner for depression

When you are in the depths of depression, you won’t feel motivated but I was determined to get better so I used my weekly planner. Every week I included the same things – daily walk, meditate five days a week, yoga and some other things I was trying out. At this point, all my efforts were focused on getting better and looking at my weekly planner which demonstrated that I had done everything I could to improve my situation made me feel better – it reassured to me that I was really trying. This is the layout of planner that I use, as it has a lot of room to write a list for each day.

When I don’t use my planner

Since it has been Summer, I’ve not had a huge workload like I usually do, so I have went weeks without using my weekly planner and I regret it so much. The day before my holiday I had an infinite task list, since I hadn’t made a list of what needed done until that day. If I had used my planner I would have worked out everything that needed done the week beforehand, and then spread this across a lot of days. I also got dressed up unnecessarily everyday because I kept forgetting to drop my keys off at my shop since I didn’t have a visual reminder.

Combine every aspect of your life into your planner, such as, work, seeing friends and deadlines. This will help you to work out when you need to get things done.

Using my planner for anxiety

Since I put every aspect of my life into my planner, I included all my Graded Exposure Therapy. Although, it is an amazing technique and it has helped me out so much, I dread when I have to face up to getting the train, for example. Putting this therapy on my planner means I actually go through with it, as I want to check it off my planner. One week I looked at my planner and I felt overcome with pride, I had completed so many anxiety inducing things and without my planner I wouldn’t have realised how hard I had worked that week.

Using my planner for University

A weekly planner for University is as essential as a laptop – I rely on it so much. I can put onto it all my nights out, my class times and work that needs done. From a quick look at my planner, I can see if I’m behind or on track. And for exam time, I fill out everyday with the lectures I need to write out to cover all of the work in time for exams. It makes me so much more productive and I don’t know how anyone can study without planning. For studying, I use a lot of to-do lists alongside my planner as some things I need to get done depend on the day and others would never fit on the planner. So I use something like this.


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