A Cute Crisis Kit

When I was suffering from severe anxiety, my anxiety would peak whenever I had to leave the house and this would leave me so distressed that I wouldn’t be able to function. However, at the same time I would insist on having everything I could possibly need in the case of having an anxiety attack. This would leave me frantically running about the house to grab random things whilst being sick, which isn’t ideal. And after I left the house I would panic because I would always forget something. To solve this problem, I decided to fill a cosmetic bag with the “essentials” and I can just grab it as I’m leaving the house.

What’s in My A Cute Crisis Kit?


  • MEDICATION – I always have my anti-anxiety medication that is taken as required (diazepam), along with my inhalers for my asthma. I always take two inhalers out with me, in case one fails. Trust me, I have thought of every possible situation.
  • BRACELETS – I can be quite fidgety when I’m anxious, so wearing bracelets can be a good distraction.
  • BOBBLE/ HAIR-TIE/ PONY TAIL HOLDER – One of the symptoms of anxiety I experience, is overheating and having long hair can make it worse. I panic without a bobble because tying my hair up can make me feel a lot cooler and it also helps if your anxiety is making you sick.
  • CHEWING GUM – I read an article that said if you are chewing then you can’t be sick – there was no scientific evidence to back this up, but I give it a try when I’m nauseas anyway. Chewing gum also helps to distract me; if I’m nervous I can focus on chewing and not the physical sensations my anxiety causes.
  • CHOCOLATE – Low blood sugar can make you feel faint or light-headed and apparently can make anxiety worse. So I always have a bar of chocolate on me to keep my sugar levels up!
  • TISSUES/ LIP BALM/ HAND GEL – These things aren’t really necessary but sometimes they come in useful.

A crisis kit can really put your mind at ease – you always know that you have everything you need with you and feeling prepared really helps with anxiety. Adapt the crisis kit to suit your own needs – if you like taking an ice pack or essential oils then add it in! I can’t recommend this enough; it makes my life so much easier knowing that I can switch my crisis kit to whatever bag I’m using that day. Always replace whatever you use that day to make sure that you never run out of anything!

For a Friend!

A crisis kit can be a great gift for a friend that suffers from anxiety – it’s really thoughtful – especially if you include items that are specific to the individual person! Do Skittles always cheer your friend up? Then include them in this kit for a personal touch. Additionally, anxiety can seem like a taboo subject and sufferers can feel wary of talking about their condition too much, but by a nice gesture like this, they will know that you fully support them. These personalised cosmetic bags would be perfect to use – who says anxiety can’t be pretty?!

I hope this helps someone out as it’s been invaluable to me! Being organised really does help with anxiety and this is another positive coping mechanism. Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety, this can be a handy trick – especially if you’re forgetful. And remember to make sure your A Cute Crisis Kit looks nice as anxiety can be horrendous to deal with, so make it a positive thing whenever you can!



2 thoughts on “A Cute Crisis Kit”

  1. This is such a great idea! As someone with anxiety disorder myself, I only keep my medication with me all the time. For me that is all I need in case of an attack. Everything else I can buy where ever I am. But this one saves you a lot of time and money while battling your anxiety attack. Thanks for this. Will create one myself!

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