About Me

Hi, I’m Siobhán

I created this website to provide insight, tips and my own story of living with depression and anxiety. I have always been very interested in mental health and when I was at my lowest, I could not find any medically accurate, useful or inspiring resources – and that’s what I strive to provide. I am studying Pharmacy at the University of Strathclyde and I’m in my fourth year, which has given me a great medical knowledge. I believe that having personal experience, along with having learned the science behind mental illness, is invaluable in my understanding of why keeping mentally healthy is so important. This blog is not only for those struggling, but also for those wondering how to help someone with depression, perhaps a friend or family member, and the best way to support someone is to understand what they are going through. You can see what it’s like to live with severe depression in this post here -> Living in Acute Crisis: My Experiences

It’s been suggested that I don’t “look depressed” but mental illnesses are invisible.

My life is centred around healthcare – I study Pharmacy, I work in a Pharmacy and I run a mental health focused website because, as cliché as it sounds, I want to help people. Struggling with mental illness has rewarded me with an infinite amount of compassion, that motivates me to be kind. Furthermore, I have been fortunate enough to recieve great treatment, which too many have to do without, and I want to share the important lessons therapists give, without the huge bill! 

My journey may not be over but from the picture above I think it’s clear to say that I have greatly improved.

“A Cute Crisis” was a joke made by my friend which really stuck with me and I decided it would be a great name for this website. After telling him the doctor had deemed me in “Acute Crisis” he laughed, “At least you’re not an ugly crisis”. This injection of humour into an otherwise serious conversation made me laugh and changed a potentially awkward conversation into a very normal one. And that is exactly what I want to help change; I want to get rid of the stigma surrounding mental illness and have open conversations about our health become normal.

I hope you enjoy reading some of my posts and feel free to message me at acutecrisis0@gmail.com with any questions!

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Love, A Cute Crisis x

And when you heal,

You will understand why you broke