The Grieving Process

I had never understood how actors can cry on demand. How could you summon up such sadness to produce real emotion? That was until I lost my best friend and my world turned dark. My first encounter with grief came unexpectedly. It arrived with confusion, numbness and disbelief. But quickly, in between the "What if"s and… Continue reading The Grieving Process

How to Recover from Depression

Recovering from a mental illness like depression can seem incredibly daunting; there are no quick programs, which may be due to the highly individualised presentation of the disorder. Or this may be due to lack of available treatment. But everything is easier with a plan - even if that plan may be a very rough guideline.… Continue reading How to Recover from Depression

Fixing insecurities with lip filler: Advice

Kylie Jenner famously admitted to having lip fillers, as she was self-conscious about her lips, and since then the popularity of dermal fillers has exponentially increased. Non-invasive procedures have turned into an extremely lucrative business, with people who have no medical background training up to inject filler close to major arteries and important nerves. And… Continue reading Fixing insecurities with lip filler: Advice

Xanax: What it actually is

Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug from the benzodiazepine family, is increasingly to blame for drug deaths. Its' calming and sedative effects are desirable, however, the harm it does to those who take it is less so. Benzodiazepines are extremely prevalent amongst drug deaths, with benzos present in 49% of drug deaths. Drug deaths have more than… Continue reading Xanax: What it actually is

Forgiveness: A form of self-love

In life, we all come across situations that hurt us and forgiveness seems incomprehensible, however, holding onto such negative emotion is solely detrimental to yourself. To forgive is to rid yourself of pain. Harbouring hurt can impact your mental health which is dangerous; your health is everything you have. This is much easier said than done,… Continue reading Forgiveness: A form of self-love

The New Pressures Children Face

It's Children's Mental Health week; a week dedicated to raising awareness of how mental health issues can affect young people and the scarily increasing incidence makes this crucial. Some people may refuse to believe that children can suffer from depression and stress and the way to tackle ignorance is through education. Children in this modern… Continue reading The New Pressures Children Face

Sadfishing: Are mental health issues attention-seeking?

In the past decade, we have seen an improvement in the attitude towards mental health issues, nevertheless, there is still a lot of stigma persisting. In order to raise awareness and promote acceptability of mental illness, those who suffer need to come forward and share their stories. This is a great comfort to sufferers who… Continue reading Sadfishing: Are mental health issues attention-seeking?

My Favourite Mental Health Quotes

Everyone needs some inspiration from time to time. You might watch Legally Blonde to get you motivated for your exams, or you may have started watching the "Tidying up with Marie Kondo" to encourage you to clean your house. Mental health recovery is no different. With the lack of resources for mental health recovery, I… Continue reading My Favourite Mental Health Quotes

Anorexia: What it really is

Anorexia nervosa is potentially the most well-known eating disorder, however, there are many misconceptions about this disorder. With 1 in 100 individuals suffering from anorexia in the UK, you most likely know (or know of) someone who has battled this disease. This disease is a lot more than a restricted diet - the sufferer will… Continue reading Anorexia: What it really is

Am I Pretty Yet?: Body Dysmorphia

Ten years ago, the glossy magazines filled with highly edited images of supermodels were considered very damaging to the self-esteem of women. Nowadays, with the advent of photoshop apps which are readily available for the regular girl to use, there is even more pressure to look perfect; skin is smoothed; teeth are whitened and body… Continue reading Am I Pretty Yet?: Body Dysmorphia