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As a pharmacy student, I have a good medical understanding of what mental illness is and the treatment of psychiatric disorders. In addition, I also have personal experience with overcoming anxieties and coping with depression which also provides a personal insight to what mental illness can really be like. I have picked up so many helpful bits of advice from doctors, friends and therapists that I wish to share with anyone struggling – especially since mental healthcare is so expensive and hard to access. I hope to provide some ideas of how to tackle your mental illness that are realistic and actually work.

Sadfishing: Are mental health issues attention-seeking?

Mental Health Conditions:

Anorexia: What it really is 

Am I Pretty Yet?: Body Dysmorphia

Cocaine, Young Males & Depression

OCD: Not an Adjective

What Anxiety Looks Like?!

A day in the life of an anxiety sufferer

Addiction: Treatment & Stigma

Bulimia: What it is and What to do

The New Pressures Children Face

Healthy Lifestyle Promotion:

New Year Resolutions: positive & healthy

Getting Straight As and Being Mentally Healthy

Exercise & Mental Illness: Pole Dancing

Surviving the Academic Year: Keep Mentally Healthy

Benefits of a Strong Support Network

Walk your Depression Away

How to Study in the Midst of Depression

Treat your body like a temple









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