Hints and Tricks

As a pharmacy student, I have a good medical understanding of what mental illness is and the treatment of psychiatric disorders. In addition, I also have personal experience with overcoming anxieties and coping with depression which also provides a personal insight to what mental illness can really be like. I have picked up so many helpful bits of advice from doctors, friends and therapists that I wish to share with anyone struggling – especially since mental healthcare is so expensive and hard to access. I hope to provide some ideas of how to tackle your mental illness that are realistic and actually work.

Have a look through these pages:

Treatment Options for Anxiety and Depression

10 things that make me feel better on a depressed day

How to Leave the House: extreme anxiety

How to Study in the Midst of Depression

Take Those Pills


Graded Exposure Therapy

The Recovery Process

Should you see your doctor?

How to Survive Exam Season

How to deal with mean people

Insomnia Tips

My New Puppy: Emotional Support Animals















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