Essential Oils for Depression & Anxiety

Many people that suffer from depression and anxiety aren't keen on taking medication and prefer using natural remedies, if possible. This is understandable - taking chemicals to change the levels of neurotransmitters in your brain is quite terrifying, therefore we want to find a less invasive method that works. Furthermore, sometimes pills don't provide full… Continue reading Essential Oils for Depression & Anxiety

Living in Acute Crisis: My Experiences

Not everyone will have experienced depression and anxiety, although 1 in 4 will struggle with their mental health in their lifetime, and in order to raise awareness, everyone needs to understand mental illness. It can be hard to support something that you don't relate to, therefore I will share my experiences in an attempt to… Continue reading Living in Acute Crisis: My Experiences

Depressed or Dramatic?: Triggered

Nothing frustrates me more than people implying that mental illness is nothing more than an exaggeration of normal emotions. When you struggle on a daily basis to function, as a direct result of your mental illness, people belittling your condition can shock you. There seems to be a widespread belief that admitting mental illness is… Continue reading Depressed or Dramatic?: Triggered

Instagram vs Reality: The Truth Behind the Pictures

After I shared my website with friends and family, a family friend told me that she was surprised to hear I had been suffering, as on social media I appeared to be doing fine. That really made me think; you only share the highlights of your life and this could be due to a variety… Continue reading Instagram vs Reality: The Truth Behind the Pictures

Farewell Summer: My Recovery Continues

This has been the most transformative, progressive and positive three months of my life! Having such a great amount of time off for summer has been invaluable for my recovery and I don't want it to end! Tomorrow, I begin my third year at University which is terrifying. Whilst I cannot wait to see my… Continue reading Farewell Summer: My Recovery Continues

My New Puppy: Emotional Support Animals

Last week, I brought home Joe - the new addition to my family. Joe is a 8 week old, black Cockapoo and he is gorgeous. Having been scared of dogs my whole life, the decision to get a dog really surprised a lot of people in my life. However, hearing about emotional support animals changed… Continue reading My New Puppy: Emotional Support Animals

Benefits of a Strong Support Network

The way I handle bad days this year compared to last year is like night and day. I no longer keep it to myself as I know I have people I can talk to, who always makes me feel better.¬†Furthermore, acknowledging how you are feeling instead of trying to bury the negativity deep down, makes… Continue reading Benefits of a Strong Support Network

Anxiety Disorder Diagnostic Test

While we all experience anxiety from time to time, people who suffer from anxiety disorders have their full life impacted by feeling nervous. An anxiety disorder is different from feeling anxious as the later has a particular cause; time limit and it isn't as severe. You may have concerns that you have this disorder and… Continue reading Anxiety Disorder Diagnostic Test

How to Stay Calm on an Anxious Day

After a few weeks of feeling calm for the majority of the time, I have had a few anxious days which terrified me. The thought of relapsing further exacerbates the panic I am feeling and leaves me with a constant fluttering feeling in my chest. However, when I woke up today and still felt nervous… Continue reading How to Stay Calm on an Anxious Day