A Cute Crisis Kit

When I was suffering from severe anxiety, my anxiety would peak whenever I had to leave the house and this would leave me so distressed that I wouldn't be able to function. However, at the same time I would insist on having everything I could possibly need in the case of having an anxiety attack.… Continue reading A Cute Crisis Kit

Addiction: Treatment & Stigma

I've recently been learning about addiction and some of the things I have heard have shocked me, especially the statistics.¬†Alcohol and drug detoxification can be fatal - you can't go cold turkey by yourself if you are severely addicted. Medical care is essential for a safe recovery from addiction, but due to the lack of… Continue reading Addiction: Treatment & Stigma

Helping Friends with Depression

Although many people may choose to keep their depression and anxiety to themselves, as they may be ashamed or not wanting to be judged, I really recommend sharing your worries with your friends. I have found talking about my problems so beneficial and I also could not get by without the support I receive from… Continue reading Helping Friends with Depression