Anorexia: What it really is

Anorexia nervosa is potentially the most well-known eating disorder, however, there are many misconceptions about this disorder. With 1 in 100 individuals suffering from anorexia in the UK, you most likely know (or know of) someone who has battled this disease. This disease is a lot more than a restricted diet - the sufferer will… Continue reading Anorexia: What it really is

Bulimia: What it is and What to do

Bulimia is a fairly well-known eating disorder; people may assume that it only involves eating sweets and throwing up afterwards - but it is so much more than that. In addition, due to society's opinion that throwing up is disgusting, it can be much harder to admit you suffer from this condition than others. You… Continue reading Bulimia: What it is and What to do