Mental Illness: Break the Stigma

There is stigma everywhere - homophobia, sexism and racism - and luckily, this is declining, especially in Scotland. However, absent from the campaigns that banish stereotypes is mental illness and this is something I see everyday. Nowadays, it is socially unacceptable to use derogatory language, but I still hear "mental" everyday. Unfortunately, I have personally… Continue reading Mental Illness: Break the Stigma

A Cute Crisis Kit

When I was suffering from severe anxiety, my anxiety would peak whenever I had to leave the house and this would leave me so distressed that I wouldn't be able to function. However, at the same time I would insist on having everything I could possibly need in the case of having an anxiety attack.… Continue reading A Cute Crisis Kit

Depressed or Dramatic?: Triggered

Nothing frustrates me more than people implying that mental illness is nothing more than an exaggeration of normal emotions. When you struggle on a daily basis to function, as a direct result of your mental illness, people belittling your condition can shock you. There seems to be a widespread belief that admitting mental illness is… Continue reading Depressed or Dramatic?: Triggered

Honesty with Mental Illness

I have severe depression and anxiety. Whenever anyone asked what's wrong with me I dropped the "severe depression". Anxiety is easily accepted whilst depression makes it awkward.¬†Everyone has felt anxious before so everyone can relate to that feeling - obviously not to the extremity that people with an anxiety disorder experience - but people can… Continue reading Honesty with Mental Illness

Bad Reactions to Depression

As if battling against your mind was not hard enough, sometimes other people can really hurt you with what they say. In this trying time, all that someone struggling could hope for is some love and support but, surprisingly, not everyone will provide you with the reaction that you desperately need. Some common bad reactions… Continue reading Bad Reactions to Depression