Forgiveness: A form of self-love

In life, we all come across situations that hurt us and forgiveness seems incomprehensible, however, holding onto such negative emotion is solely detrimental to yourself. To forgive is to rid yourself of pain. Harbouring hurt can impact your mental health which is dangerous; your health is everything you have. This is much easier said than done,… Continue reading Forgiveness: A form of self-love

New Year Resolutions: positive & healthy

New Year Resolutions are often short-lived and meaningless. However, I think having targets is extremely beneficial in life - if you aim for the moon, then you'll land in the stars. I set goals constantly and having a clear image of what I want to achieve keeps me determined. Although, my love for meeting targets… Continue reading New Year Resolutions: positive & healthy

Buck teeth: Dealing with Insecurities

As a child I was always complimented on my teeth, but after they fell out, I never expected them to come in like they did. I was 1mm away from being classified as having "Serious Dental Issues", I'm not entirely sure what that entails, but it doesn't sound good. I was extremely self-conscious of my… Continue reading Buck teeth: Dealing with Insecurities

The Secret to Recovery

Recovering from a mental illness is excruciatingly hard, but it is possible, and it is easier than living with a mental illness. You can throw expensive doctors, stays in hospital and self-help books at the problem but unless you want to, you can't get better. To recover you need to be willing; you need to want… Continue reading The Secret to Recovery

Every cloud: finding positivity in depression

My journey with depression and anxiety has been a long, arduous one, however, with all of the difficulties it has brought - I don't regret it. I am of the belief that everything happens for a reason, and without that struggle I would not be able to see the world so positively today. Battling anxiety… Continue reading Every cloud: finding positivity in depression