New Year Resolutions: positive & healthy

New Year Resolutions are often short-lived and meaningless. However, I think having targets is extremely beneficial in life - if you aim for the moon, then you'll land in the stars. I set goals constantly and having a clear image of what I want to achieve keeps me determined. Although, my love for meeting targets… Continue reading New Year Resolutions: positive & healthy

Buck teeth: Dealing with Insecurities

As a child I was always complimented on my teeth, but after they fell out, I never expected them to come in like they did. I was 1mm away from being classified as having "Serious Dental Issues", I'm not entirely sure what that entails, but it doesn't sound good. I was extremely self-conscious of my… Continue reading Buck teeth: Dealing with Insecurities

Why you need a Happiness Planner

At the end of last year, when I was drowning in depression, I seen an advert for The Happiness Planner, which appealed to me since I desperately wanted to be happy. I am very wary of buying things which claim to improve your life, but after browsing their website I decided to get one -… Continue reading Why you need a Happiness Planner

The Secret to Recovery

Recovering from a mental illness is excruciatingly hard, but it is possible, and it is easier than living with a mental illness. You can throw expensive doctors, stays in hospital and self-help books at the problem but unless you want to, you can't get better.¬†To recover you need to be willing; you need to want… Continue reading The Secret to Recovery

Every cloud: finding positivity in depression

My journey with depression and anxiety has been a long, arduous one, however, with all of the difficulties it has brought - I don't regret it. I am of the belief that everything happens for a reason, and without that struggle I would not be able to see the world so positively today. Battling anxiety… Continue reading Every cloud: finding positivity in depression