Getting Straight As and Being Mentally Healthy

I never cram, stay late in the library or forgo self-care to get good marks but I got straight As and I do well at University. I have always been highly motivated and good at balancing my time; studying has never been an issue for me. However, seeing how stressed out my friends are prompted me… Continue reading Getting Straight As and Being Mentally Healthy

A day in the life of an anxiety sufferer

For almost a year, I have lived with a severe anxiety disorder and I don't think people truly understand how challenging that can be. My anxiety affects everything; from the moment I wake up to when I fall asleep I am battling my anxious thoughts. I wanted to share how a typical day for me… Continue reading A day in the life of an anxiety sufferer

Living in Acute Crisis: My Experiences

Not everyone will have experienced depression and anxiety, although 1 in 4 will struggle with their mental health in their lifetime, and in order to raise awareness, everyone needs to understand mental illness. It can be hard to support something that you don't relate to, therefore I will share my experiences in an attempt to… Continue reading Living in Acute Crisis: My Experiences

Surviving the Academic Year: Keep Mentally Healthy

Universities, colleges and schools are all starting back around this time and, like many others, I am apprehensive about returning to such an intense work load. Last year, I struggled with my mental health whilst I was at University and instead of making postive changes to my life, in an effort to cope better, I… Continue reading Surviving the Academic Year: Keep Mentally Healthy

Benefits of a Strong Support Network

The way I handle bad days this year compared to last year is like night and day. I no longer keep it to myself as I know I have people I can talk to, who always makes me feel better. Furthermore, acknowledging how you are feeling instead of trying to bury the negativity deep down, makes… Continue reading Benefits of a Strong Support Network

How to Stay Calm on an Anxious Day

After a few weeks of feeling calm for the majority of the time, I have had a few anxious days which terrified me. The thought of relapsing further exacerbates the panic I am feeling and leaves me with a constant fluttering feeling in my chest. However, when I woke up today and still felt nervous… Continue reading How to Stay Calm on an Anxious Day

Am I depressed?: Diagnostic Tests

There are many different tests that can be used to diagnose depression, however, completing this test will not give you a diagnosis - you should always visit your GP to get a diagnosis. It is likely that your doctor will ask you questions from these tests to decide on what they believe you condition is,… Continue reading Am I depressed?: Diagnostic Tests

The Mindfulness Craze

"Have you tried mindfulness?" "Mindfulness is the cure" "I swear by mindfulness" When I struggled to walk, eat and I couldn't sit still without trembling, mindfulness was recommended to me constantly. I got to a point where the next time someone mentioned it to me, I thought that I would surely implode. Whilst mindfulness is… Continue reading The Mindfulness Craze

Weird Anxiety Symptoms

When my anxiety became severe, I experienced a lot of the common symptoms but I also experienced weird sensations that made me think I was losing my mind. However, after speaking about them to medical professionals they explained what was happening. When I have shared these explanations with anxiety sufferers before, they have felt relieved… Continue reading Weird Anxiety Symptoms