A Cute Crisis Kit

When I was suffering from severe anxiety, my anxiety would peak whenever I had to leave the house and this would leave me so distressed that I wouldn't be able to function. However, at the same time I would insist on having everything I could possibly need in the case of having an anxiety attack.… Continue reading A Cute Crisis Kit

My New Puppy: Emotional Support Animals

Last week, I brought home Joe - the new addition to my family. Joe is a 8 week old, black Cockapoo and he is gorgeous. Having been scared of dogs my whole life, the decision to get a dog really surprised a lot of people in my life. However, hearing about emotional support animals changed… Continue reading My New Puppy: Emotional Support Animals

Abuse: Are you a victim?

Every week two women in England or Wales, are murdered by their partner or by their ex. That is a shocking statistic and I believe more should be done about this frightening issue. 1 in 4 women experience domestic abuse at one point in their life, and this can have devastating effects. An additional three… Continue reading Abuse: Are you a victim?

Honesty with Mental Illness

I have severe depression and anxiety. Whenever anyone asked what's wrong with me I dropped the "severe depression". Anxiety is easily accepted whilst depression makes it awkward.¬†Everyone has felt anxious before so everyone can relate to that feeling - obviously not to the extremity that people with an anxiety disorder experience - but people can… Continue reading Honesty with Mental Illness

Why you need a Happiness Planner

At the end of last year, when I was drowning in depression, I seen an advert for The Happiness Planner, which appealed to me since I desperately wanted to be happy. I am very wary of buying things which claim to improve your life, but after browsing their website I decided to get one -… Continue reading Why you need a Happiness Planner

Weird Anxiety Symptoms

When my anxiety became severe, I experienced a lot of the common symptoms but I also experienced weird sensations that made me think I was losing my mind. However, after speaking about them to medical professionals they explained what was happening. When I have shared these explanations with anxiety sufferers before, they have felt relieved… Continue reading Weird Anxiety Symptoms

Suicide Prevention

The recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain were extremely upsetting. To think that both of these people had successful careers, families and a lot of money which would allow them access to the best medical care possible is distressing. However, it goes to show you that mental illnesses are not selective - it… Continue reading Suicide Prevention

Helping Friends with Depression

Although many people may choose to keep their depression and anxiety to themselves, as they may be ashamed or not wanting to be judged, I really recommend sharing your worries with your friends. I have found talking about my problems so beneficial and I also could not get by without the support I receive from… Continue reading Helping Friends with Depression